Day 16: Love and Appreciation

It’s 4:29pm and I have been trying to write this blog all day. Well, in between work and children and cooking and laundry. But I think it hasn’t been the daily chores but rather the deeper issue of  appreciating myself that has been making it difficult today. I had written a whole blog before this and then I realized I was focusing on everyone else (because I find that so much easier) and what I needed to do was get back to the issue which is loving me!

I just got finished with a client who I have worked with since February, and her transformation is incredible to see. It’s such a gift to watch her grow and fly like the butterfly she is. She thanked me for all my love and support which has helped her to get this far. I covered my face. Accepting and appreciating my part in all of this is the really hard part.

I often ask my clients to imagine that they had never been born like in the movie ‘It’s a wonderful life’. Imagine the amount of people who’s lives would be different without you. We are all so unaware how much we affect one another. Right now my children are listening to the Taylor Swift album and they are filled with joy dancing around the room while I’m writing this blog and I too am filled with joy to be part of this moment. There are millions of people who contributed to their happiness.  The sound recorder, the coffee person who kept everyone awake while recording, all the people who built the recording equipment, the driver who took Taylor to the studio, all the people on the gas rigs in the middle of nowhere who supplied the gas for electricity and transport for all the people and CDs, Taylor Swift, Starbucks (because that’s where I bought the CD), the people who founded Starbucks, all their employees, and their families who love and support them, and… well, the list goes on and on and on…

So why can’t I see my part in all this? I bought the CD. I create the safe place for them to dance. I cooked the food that helped them grow. I faced a thousand fears to bring them into this world. Why am I not appreciating myself!!!!!!!!!!

What do I have to do to get me to see and appreciate the beauty that I am? Help a million people? Make a million dollars? Get a million people to send me thank you cards? I find the hardest part is to recognize I am worthy just because I am here, simply appreciating my existence, as I appreciate the existence of everyone else. But as we are all connected, without appreciating myself I’m not truly appreciating the existence of everyone else. One love is all love. So from this day forward I commit to appreciating myself (and others) in every way, just as love has always done for me, and since we are all love this is something that should be as natural as breathing. So breath baby breath…16

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